Fire Protection Systems


Range of Fire Fighting Products

Comprehensive fire safety solutions that protect people where they live and work. From detection and prevention to control and extinguishing, our products and services are trusted around Kuwait for their quality, reliability, and innovation.

We offer the below firefighting equipment and solutions

  • Extinguishers: Portable and wheeled extinguishers
  • Fire Hose: A complete range of fire hoses
  • Water Delivery Hose: High-volume large diameter hose and associated deployment equipment
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems: Pre-action, Dry Pipe, Wet Pipe, Alternate, Deluge systems
  • Extinguisher Stands & Cabinets: All weather cabinets, Plastic and Chrome Extinguisher Stands
  • Fire Alarm & Detection System: Conventional, Addressable, analogue and Wireless Alarm System. Heat, smoke, Flame and gas detectors. We offer a wide range of alarm and detection products for any application within small to large facilities.
  • Portable Pumps: For firefighting and flood relied operations
  • Building Protection: Rising mains systems, hose reels and fire equipment cabinets
  • Fire Suppression System: A broad range of fire suppression solutions that are customized to address special hazards.
  • Foam Concentrates: Environmentally responsible foam concentrates
  • Foam Equipment: Foam proportioning and delivery devices for portable, mobile and fixed applications
  • Monitors: Portable, mobile and fixed monitors
  • Accessories: Fire Blanket, Welding Drapes, Fire escape ladder, Fire Extinguisher theft alarm and Safety Signage

We deliver the widest range of top quality fire protection, suppression, and detection services in the fire safety industry.

Authorized Sole Distributor

Gate Valves (Shut-off Valves)

Gate valves for Fire Protection here are in accordance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) C515 standard. The model 2010/2510 and 2010-PIV Non-rising Stem (NRS) and 2030/2530 Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) gate valves are in conformity with the highest standards of the third party certification organizations Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listed) and Factory Mutual Global (FM Approved).

Gate Valve - AWWA C515 - DI - NRS - UL/FM - Model 2010/2510
Post Indicator Gate Valve - AWWA C515 - DI - NRS - UL/FM - Model 2010-PIV
Gate Valve - AWWA C515 - DI - OS&Y - UL/FM - Model 2030/2530

Indicator Posts

Wall Indicator Post - UL/FM - Model 5500
Vertical Indicator Post - UL/FM - Model 5400/5450


Basket Strainer - Model FB7208
Ductile Iron Y Strainer, 300 psi - Model 3800
Cast Iron Y Strainer, 175 psi - Model F0511-175

Check Valves

Swing Check Valve - AWWA C508 - UL/FM - DI - Model 8700
Double Door Check Valve - UL - CI - Model 2560

Butterfly Valves

Lug Wafer Butterfly Valve - UL Listed - FM Approved - DI - Model 2400-L
Grooved Butterfly Valve - UL Listed - FM Approved - DI - Model 2400-G
Wafer Butterfly Valve - UL Listed - FM Approved - DI - Model 2400-W

Fire Hydrants

Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant, C502 - FIREFLO Model F-06 and F-06-M
Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant, C503 - FIREFLO Model F-08
Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant - DN80 - Model BS750

Brass Valves

Forged Brass Angle Hose Valve - UL/FM - Model 2118
Forged Brass Full Port Ball Valve (Threaded) - UL - FM - NSF - CSA - Model 2116

Pipe Flanges

Iron Flanges
Redi-Flange Adapter - Models RFC-2/RFC-4

Flanged Fittings

AWWA C110 Class 250, ANSI B16.1 Class 125

Our dedication to the mechanical piping industry has given us the opportunity to provide you with a quality comprehensive line of flanged fittings exceeding competitive brands.

Our flanged fitting series are available in 2”~24” sizes in a variety of elbows, tees, crosses, laterals, reducers, and blind flanges. All are manufactured in strict accordance with ANSI B16.,1 (2”~12”) and AWWA C110 Class 250 (3”~24”)

Material: Ductile Cast Iron, ASTM A536, Grey Cast Iron, ASTM A-126

Flange: Faced and drilled in accordance with ANSI B16.1 Class 125

Larger Sizes thru 48″ available upon request.